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April 20, 2013

Social Media News

Social Media News

Social Media News

Twitter Services

Nwokocha @NgoziGodwell Media Services

(Please visit my Twitter page to see what’s possible)

  • create accounts for you.
  • I create tweets that are pre-approved before we tweet them. These include inspirational quotes, links to your site/events/ articles and products.
  • We grow your accounts using key word searches we find followers who will be interested in your work.)
  • I grow the accounts.
  • I monitor your accounts daily.
  • I send you updates and relevant information on your accounts.

“Command respect, be great company, reward loyalty, love unconditionally, seek fun”

A little bit more about WordPress

 Proven Track Record – WordPress is a platform that is currently managing near 25% of all new websites. Respected publications such as The New York Times and CNN employ WordPress for their website.
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 The Pin It button for browsers is a handy little tool that allows you to pin from websites, even if you’re not on Pinterest..
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