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A Little Bit More About WordPress

A little bit more about WordPress

Proven Track Record — WordPress is a platform that is currently managing near 25% of all new websites. Respected publications such as The New York Times and CNN employ WordPress for their website.
Ease of Use — WordPress is incredibly simple to use. Once your site is designed and set up, it will be a cinch to log in and edit and create new pages and blog posts, as well as change your functionality. The workflow can be compared to normal, every day frameworks such as Microsoft Office and the iPhone.

Infinite Customization — WordPress employs a technology called Plugins, which allow you to install “modules” into your site to add new functionality. Features of WordPress that are plugin dependant have a star next to them.

Publishing is No Problem! — Long gone are the days of having to dredge through code just to update a page on your website. WordPress allows you to update the content of your pages in a fashion that’s very similar to word processors like Microsoft Word, or Pages on the Mac.

Never Lose Your Work — WordPress autosaves all of your work as you type it, so you’ll never have to fret about your computer messing up, or a mistake you might have made. WordPress also saves old versions of your pages, so if you want to go back to 6 months ago – it’s only 2 button clicks away!

Keeping on Schedule — WordPress allows you to schedule your blog posts, so it’s easy to run an efficient blog. Maybe one day you feel especially productive and write the content for your blog posts for the whole next week. With WordPress it’s easy to schedule a post at the same time every day.

Media Capability – WordPress’s media handling functionality is second-to-none. It stores all images and videos you’ve uploaded directly into your Media folder as soon as you use them. This way, you never have to worry about coding them into your page. In fact, adding new media to a page that you’ve create is as easy as clicking the “Media” button!

Password Protection — WordPress lets you lock certain individual pages/posts on your website from the public, making them view-able only by password. Perfect for organizations that wish to stay private.

Drafting Content — If you’re in the middle of a long post, and feel like finishing it later, all you need to do is hit the ‘Save Draft’ button to save a draft of the page or post directly to your WordPress database.
Search Capabilities — WordPress indexes all of your posts and pages to be effortlessly searched through with the Search Box at the top of your website.
No Language Barriers — WordPress’s core functionality has been translated into over 60 languages!
Multiple Users — WordPress has support for different users. Maybe you want to have some writers on your site – you can give them lesser permissions than you, the owner or admin, of the site has. If you’d like, people can register for your site on their own, and submit content for your review.
Full Blog and Website Functionality — WordPress is a beautiful hybrid of a blog and the average website, and how much it is of either is entirely up to you! If you want your WordPress site to be a full-blown blog: no problem! If you want it to be a informational company website: no problem! If you want an informational company website with a blog integrated: no problem! Really everything in between is possible with WordPress.

WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

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