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Five Small Business Tips

Five Small Business Tips

Written by  Lynne LaMaster


It’s a competitive world out there, but with these tips, you’ll be in the game.

Running a business is tough work! But our world today offers opportunities to market your business in exciting, cost effective ways. Unfortunately, if you don’t take advantage of those opportunities, it’s likely your competitor will. In the infographic below, here are some quick tips to get you going!

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3 Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs

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Tweeting BirdTweets are meant to be short and sweet. Though, I’m not what you would call a conversationalist with a short and sweet style, but on twitter I’ve got to be precise to catch the attention of those online. Learning to fly like a bird takes skill and skills I’ve decided to learn. So can you.

With only 120 characters to say what needs to be said, twitter peeps seem to delight in quips, jokes and catchy headlines. This can be fun, but with limits of 120 characters per tweet it can also be a challenge to tweet like a professional without abbreviations.

Many online articles on mastering twitter pretty much same the same thing. Follow, tweet, #hashtag, share, be authentic and relevant. Most of all think of twitter as a big party. A place where people mix, mingle and chat about the stuff that’s interesting to them. And like any good party…

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Social Media

Welcome to my all about social media and my marketing tips. I stumbled on social media about twenty years ago. Anyway that is a different story.

How To Twitter “New to Twitter” and wondering how to get started? We’ve made this fun ‘how to twitter’ I will help you get going quickly. I will answer beginner questions such as how to set up your Twitter account, how to start tweeting, and how to use #hashtags and lists.

Twitter And WordPress Page

My goal is to provide a service that allows you to discover and receive content from sources that interest you as well as to share your content with others.  I respect the ownership of the content that users share and each user is responsible for the content he or she provides. Email me for further information at to find out how I can assist you  with your Twitter profile.p